General BSI acts as an agent for consumers in the delivery of bill payments to billers - we are your service provider. We agree to deliver your payment securely and quickly to your intended biller. We do not provide any warranty that the product or service you purchase has been delivered as ordered, nor do we guarantee that the product or service will operate as expected. We simply deliver your payment - like mailing a payment, or sending a courier - the difference is speed and security...

In order to make a payment through you must register and log-in to your payer profile - this is to protect you and your personal information.

If you realize, within 48 hours, that you have made a payment in error and want to be refunded for the payment, simply call us - in many cases your payment can be refunded directly to your credit card immediately and you will see your credit the same day. If your payment, however, has already been delivered to your biller, you must contact your biller directly for a refund - we, however, can help to get you the correct number and person that will be able to get your refund handled in the shortest possible time.

When you make a payment through you are actually purchasing a delivery of the payment amount - because this is considered a purchase, you may enjoy the benefits of many rewards programs offered by your credit card company, and certain applicable interest-free periods on your payment!

The convenience fee that you pay to have your payment delivered is actually your "payment delivery fee" and is your guarantee that the payment will be handled securely and quickly - in the event that there is a delay in processing your payment, and this delay is caused by, we will refund the entire amount of your convenience fee.

Fees are never good - we know that, we hate them too - so, we have designed our fee structure to ensure that in most cases, our fees are cheaper than any other payment delivery method - in most cases, payment delivery is $4.00 or less - this is roughly half the cost of sending your certified payment through regular mail, a third of the cost of sending your certified payment through express post or Western Union, and a tenth of the cost of sending a regular bonded courier to deliver your payment.

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