As a consumer service provider, General BSI acts as your customer's agent in the delivery of payments - we guarantee that when your customer makes a payment to you through our website that the payment will be handled securely and quickly delivered to you at a fraction of the cost of other payment methods. By using our system you allow your customers the convenience of 24/7 payment options, the ability to earn certain rewards points on their payments, and the added benefit of extended customer care support through a network of Canadian-based customer care centres.

You can quickly and effortlessly provide customers with discounts, and let them know about your other products and services and any special deals that you are offering when they are making their payments - simply place a link to our site at your website and a "pay on-line at" line on your paper bills and invoices!

General BSI is one of the world's most established on-line payment service companies - we have the history, the experience, and the technology to help your business by proving leading-edge payment management solutions. Call us to learn more and become a enabled business.

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