www.generalbilling.com is owned and operated by General Billing Solutions Inc (General BSI). We are a Canadian business and consumer services company that has been providing payment management services to Canadians for over 10 years. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, General BSI acts as an agent for bill payers in the delivery of payments to many companies. It is our mission to ensure consumers and businesses a secure, fast and economical way to make payments on-line… Unlike many other third-party payment processing sites, generalbilling.com does not have long waiting periods for the delivery of payments to billers - in fact in many cases payments are securely delivered the very next day...

General BSI began operation in 1999 as a consulting company and launched generalbilling.com in 2001. To date, the payment site has delivered hundreds of thousands of payments to businesses at a fraction of the cost of other payment methods including conventional card payment processing. For consumers, generalbilling.com offers an ability to pay using a credit card for many companies that would otherwise be unable to accept card payments - including small businesses, landlords, municipal governments and many other types of organizations. As generalbilling.com is free to sign up for, and the monthly maintenance costs to billers are so small, corporate event coordinators can also use generalbilling.com to process card payments for one-off events...

General BSI takes a great deal of care to ensure that consumers only make payments through the site for certain types of bills or notices - this virtually eliminates the instances of fraudulent uses of the site, therefore reducing costs to business that use the site to accept payments.

Here is a list of a small selection of some of the types of payments that can be made through the site:

  • Monthly recurring bill payments (Telephone/cable/utilities)
  • Past-due payments (when instructed by your biller)
  • Loan Payments (banks/credit unions/alternative lenders)
  • Local Government Fees (parking tickets/fines/dues/licenses)
  • Corporate Event Tickets (with registration)
  • Residential/Commercial Rents
  • Court Ordered Payments
  • Government payments
  • B2B Payments

Here is a list of the payments that cannot be made through the site:

  • On-Line Gaming
  • Pornography site membership or access fees
  • Advertising
  • On-line Dating
  • Concert Tickets
  • Fees for any Goods/Services not yet delivered

If you have any questions about our site, or our company, please feel free to call us anytime to talk to a REAL person - we want to hear from you - simply call 1-855-999-4274 or e-mail us at customer.care@generalbilling.com anytime...

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